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Shaun Coyle, singularly focused, maker, doer, zero fluff. It comes together because of Shaun. Shaun and his two awesome daughters reside in Camarillo, CA. A native of Ventura County, he's seen Southern California grow over the last 5 decades and has his finger on the pulse of what's good and what should and can be made better.  He knew it from the start. Woodworking and construction would be his focus, and so far, there are no signs of letting up. He's the go-to for everything, from sourcing the finest materials to final inspection and every step in between. And that's how it should be when you've dedicated your entire life to making a vision become a reality.



Stephen Maitland, dreamer, doer, unstoppable personality, Face man to Shaun's Hannibal. Steve is happily married and has a wonderful son. He and his family are native Angelinos and currently reside in Burbank, CA. Steve has always pursued what he was interested in versus taking the 'normal' career path. Not many can say they run an unconventional custom woodworking company because they were top a collegiate athlete, or surf instructor, or a call-center builder, and definitely not because they were an off-shore commercial fishing captain...Among others. The atypical path, if you take it, you better be good at what you do. Getting good means taking lessons learned from the past and applying them in the present and hopefully into the future. Steve knows how to take an idea and make it a reality. It's what he's always done and combined with his partner, Shaun, it's what they'll help you accomplish in the future too.

Barrel Woodworks

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So that's who Barrel Woodworks is. But how and why? Let's just say it's easier to accomplish a shared goal when a core group of people are working in unison. In the past, Steve and Shaun worked together on a few projects - with their respective companies trying to help customers achieve an end product. They realized that their styles were similar, and their understanding of the trade and each other's work ethic was immediate, but having multiple, independent groups working a project wasn't the most efficient or practical use of their resources or skills. They knew that when the time was right, they should combine their strengths and set off on their own. But having a vision and executing that vision aren't necessarily the same. Thankfully in the Spring of '18, they were both able to establish what is now Barrel Woodworks.  A shared vision and common understanding. Essential for taking an idea and making it a reality. Established skills and craftsmanship, essential for taking an idea and making it a reality. Steve, Shaun and Barrel Woodworks, essential for taking customer's ideas and making them a reality.

Our Mission

If you can imagine it, we can build it!

“Barrel Woodworks strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services"


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